Asian Heritage Month

Joint Service hosted at First United Church
16 William St W, Waterloo, Ontario

Join the Congregations of First, Emmanuel and Westminster United Churches

Sunday, May 19 at 10:30am

What we've done so far...

Explorations of Faith

What: The Four-Gospel Journey Revealing the Path of Transformation & Deepening Love: A six-week in-person video study

“Whatever our challenges today—personal, communal, spiritual, or even planetary —we can think of ourselves as being at an immense crossroads. This is a moment that offers enormous possibilities for transformation and at the same time looming obstacles and inherent dangers. At such a juncture, we need clear vision, fresh thinking and wise hearts to help us not only navigate our lives, but do so with a sense of equanimity and love. We need treasured guides that have stood the test of centuries, and are also astute enough in the present moment to truly provide worthy counsel for today’s crises and tomorrow’s unexpected dilemmas.

“As Christians, I believe we need our sacred texts to live in a way that helps us to unite our hearts and minds—to combine devotion and practice with critical thought and loving-kindness.*”

(*Kelly Hall TWOTP) 
When: Thursdays
Beginning February 15-March 21, 2024
Time: 7:00-8:30 pm 
Where: The Hearth Room
Who: An Explorations of Faith offering for all peoples from: The Work of the People with Rev. Brenda Torrie