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Sharing the Space

At Emmanuel, we are proud to provide a common space of gathering to a diverse array of organizations in our community, from churches and gatherings of various faiths to groups providing education or charity. Our goal is to provide an accessible option to groups that do the work of making our communities as inclusive, vibrant and healthy as they can be.

Rent the Space

Emmanuel’s space is shared with other faith communities, including: Joonim Korean Presbyterian Church, Hindu Association (annually), Buddhist Group (occasionally), Embassy Church (occasionally)

Other Rentals have included: Music Together for Moms and Tots, Mad Science Camp, Vera Causa Opera, Bengali Cultural Association, The Good Peach, Waterloo Cooperative Pre-School, Yoga Classes, Great Big Theater Company, Dance Fit, AA and NA Groups, and maybe you!

Please either download the PDF Rental Form, or complete the Google Form below and our Office Administrator will respond as soon as possible.

Emmanuel’s space is shared with other faith communities, including: Joonim Church Korean Presbyterian Hindu Association (annually), Buddhist Group (occasionally), Embassy Church (occasionally) Other Rentals Include: Music Together for Moms and Tots, Mad Science Camp, Vera Causa Opera, Bengali Cultural Association, The Good Peach, Waterloo Cooperative Pre-School, Yoga Classes, St.Louis ESL, Great Big Theater Company, Dance Fit Please submit the rental form to


Whether you choose Emmanuel’s historic church building as your venue, have our ministers perform your ceremony, or both – we’d love to be part of your wedding day.  Larger ceremonies can use our Sanctuary.  For smaller ceremonies, we offer our Hearth Room. We look forward to being part of your memorable day!

See the form below for more details about fees. Please fill out the application form and email it to

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Do you perform same-gender marriages?

Absolutely. Emmanuel United is an Affirming Ministry. We welcome all LGBTQ2IA+ relationships. However you identify, you are welcome and celebrated here.

Do I or my partner need to be a member with Emmanuel?

No, membership with Emmanuel is not required.

How much does a wedding cost at Emmanuel United Church?

Our base fee for weddings is $1200. A $500 deposit is due upon booking, and $200 is non-refundable. The base fee includes a church minister, accompanist, and sound technician. A detailed fee schedule is available upon request. Send an email to for more details.

Do you offer marriage preparation classes?

Our minister offers individual preparation sessions. Contact the church office at 519-886-1471, or email

Are you open to creative ceremonies?

Yes, definitely. We’d love to help you create a one-of-a-kind of ceremony.

Can we have an outdoor ceremony?

We’re flexible and our minister can perform your ceremony off-site. We’ll meet you where you’re at.

How many people can fit in your church?

We can accommodate groups as small as 5 to as high as 400 in our Sanctuary. The total capacity of our spaces is subject to Covid-19 restrictions.

Can I have my reception at Emmanuel United Church?

Yes, our Fellowship Hall  is available for an additional fee. It can seat between 120 and 200 people depending on your preferred configuration.

Can I serve alcohol at my reception? 

As long as you purchase a liquor license and additional insurance.

Can I stream my wedding live on Facebook/YouTube?

For an additional fee, we’ll stream your wedding to your Facebook page so your loved ones across the world can be part of your day.

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Baptism is a symbol of new life, marking the beginning of your journey in a church community. Our denomination, the United Church of Canada, offers baptism to all ages. We believe the gift of God’s love doesn’t depend on our ability to understand it, so we baptize people as infants right up through adulthood. During the ceremony, which usually takes place as part of a regular worship service, everyone in the congregation pledges support for the child and their parents.

Baptism is not a requirement for God’s love. We believe people who die without baptism are in no way condemned, lost, or damned.

Baptism in the United Church is recognized by all denominations of the Christian church that practise infant baptism. Similarly, if someone has already been baptized in another church at any age, the United Church recognizes their baptism and welcomes them. For any inquiries about baptisms, please contact


Membership at Emmanuel is definitely not a requirement to being a part of the community. We promise, there’s no secret handshake once you become a member! We often describe our congregation using “three circles” — the curious, the comfortable and the committed. No matter what circle you consider yourself in, you’re invited to become part of our community. When you are ready, you are invited to become an official member of our church. Please contact for any further inquiries regarding membership.
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During difficult times of loss, we offer space to honour your loved one. We work with you to create a service that reflects their unique spirit and surrounds all with God’s unconditional love. Our minister meets you where you’re at, using language around spirituality and religion in a way that resonates with you. Whether you attend Emmanuel United or not, we believe everyone’s life should be celebrated.


We’ll work with you to provide music in a variety of ways, offering piano, organ, and vocalists as options. You are also welcome to bring in outside performers and we encourage you to select music that is meaningful to you.


With our livestream option, people from outside Waterloo can be a part of the service while it’s happening. For an additional fee, we can film and broadcast high quality video to YouTube or Facebook using private or public links.

Planning & Fees

Our funeral fees are designed to be as accessible as possible while covering our staff costs. If these fees are beyond your means, please let us know. If you are able and feel compelled to do so, we welcome any additional donations to cover the use of the building or memorial donations to church programming. While the minister’s fee is $300, please contact for information about any other fees and to schedule a planning session.

Donate to Emmanuel United Church

Donations to any partners of Emmanuel can be found on their respective webpages.

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