Concert Series

8:00pm July 14, 2022

Cassie Noble, Hunter Sheridan & Gamekeeper

Finding beauty in madness, trying to find the words to share it. Cassie’s Indie Folk Pop style is mellow, heavy with emotion, and contains copious amounts of soul & honesty. The music she creates feels calm and surreal, like sitting by a fire in the middle of nowhere

“A voice that does sadness so very well and sustains it admirably” – mp3hugger (Blog)

Hunter Sheridan is a Canadian musician whose music delivers introspective, soulful song writing with warm melodies that weave a euphoric atmosphere. Hunter’s writing highlights self-discovery, honest lyrics, and dynamic arrangements, connecting with listeners across music genres.

Gamekeeper quickly grew into more than its initial holdings. Warren Frank’s sporadic voice-memo recordings have grown, and the debut EP is forthcoming. Fans of “Heaps” and “The Kents” will find that this project leans in a softer direction than what they’ve come to expect, and Frank’s voice is given more space to shine than ever. His trademark honesty continues to weave melody and lyricism together in writing that is both refined and heartfelt.

Stay Tuned for more shows coming in 2022!

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