Vera's Place

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About Vera's Place

Vera’s Place is a house for female-lead households. It is owned and operated by Emmanuel as a way for the congregation to use the house to do good in the community with an affordable home.

This is a community effort, spearheaded by Emmanuel United Church. In partnership with the House of Friendship, we converted our Dorset Street duplex into Vera’s Place. The name was chosen in memory of Vera Armour, the mother of Judy Astley. Vera was born in Brandon, Manitoba in 1918, and later lived in Hespeler raising her four children. She believed in supporting women on their life journey. As a home to support and nurture women and their families during their journey together, Vera’s Place is a fitting tribute.

Ways to Help

1. Create a “Welcome” package for a new tenant that is full of personal care items for each woman as she enters the home. A note to say “Welcome” and “We are thinking of you while on your Journey” is encouraged. It should include personal hygiene items such as: shampoo, hairbrush, body/face wash, toothbrush/toothpaste, deodorant, mensural products, etc.

2. Give a monetary donation of $300 to Sponsor A Room. This will provide a new set of bed linens for a bedroom as each woman arrives inducing: a duvet and cover, two sets of sheets, pillows, towels, mattress pad, and bed skirt. Including a note about yourself or your group that will be given to each person is encouraged.

3. Make a quilt for a woman to keep as she continues on her journey toward sobriety.

4. Give a monetary donation that will be used for the ongoing upkeep and maintenance of the building.

Image of a purple deck chair representing Vera's Place.